Pot Plant Sexing

When growing marijuana plants, one of the most important things that you should know is how to determine the sex of your weed plants. Failure to do this could lead to eventually having what others call a “Dirt Weed”. There are specific ways on how to conduct sexing of your cannabis plants and it should not be left to a gut-feel approach. You need to know how to do it properly so you will only have sensimilla plants in your grow room or garden and the growing marijuana e-book will tell everything you need to know about it so you can avoid the mistakes of a lot of pot growers.

There is so much information in this section of the book that even the first time grower will feel like an expert when they can tell the sex of the pot plant, because they learned to look for the signs. The grower will also know all about hermaphrodites when they are done reading the pages 55 through 63 and know what to do with them.

What you can expect among many others…

More than 100 pages of invaluable information and tutorials on everything you need to know about professional and proper cannabis care and maintenance.

Detailed explanation of everything you need to know about cannabis care and maintenance.

Crystal clear and crisp pictures that will help you identify clearly what is being explained in this manual.

A complete guide of the nutritional requirements of your weed plants in every stage with focus on the needed NPK ratio in every growing marijuana stage.

A comprehensive guide on the pests, parasites, diseases and fungi that afflicts marijuana plants and how to take care of them.

Even If I read so many blogs about cannabis sexing, I still felt that the information was not complete so I bought the growing marijuana e-book. I was right! There are so many information that were not available in online articles and I was able to put in place all the pieces together about pot plant sexing when I read this e-book.


Learn to know if your pot plant is a male or female, with the clear HD images in the book that will help you to know 100 percent when looking at your plants. This will also tell the grower how to tell the sex of the pot plant by identifying early signs on page 55.

Learn about pot plants that are hermaphrodites, what causes them, what the factors are and how to avoid having hermaphrodites. Learn how to know if your plant is flowering like it should be or if it is turning into a hermaphrodite and what choices there are on page 61.

Learn the five foolproof methods to determine the pot plant’s sex early and learn why it is important to know the sex of the plant, if you want dense crystal covered buds that make your mouth water. This information will be found in the book on page 63.

Getting hold and making this e-book the bible for my growing marijuana plants made a lot of difference. Now I don’t get seeds in my buds and no hermies too. The methods for identifying the sex of marijuana plants given in this e-book are really very helpful to me.




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