Preparing the Pot Grow Area

When you start preparing your pot grow area, the first thing that you have to do is to eliminate the weed or grass from the soil. They are enemies of your cannabis plants and must be removed. Some growers, in order to save time, use weed killer to eliminate all unwanted grass in the soil. This is a big No in preparing your pot grow area. Learn the importance of getting rid of weed and the best way to get rid of grass in preparing your outdoor pot grow area by reading our Growing Elite Marijuana E-book. You will also learn everything about preparing the soil and how to come up with a healthy mix.

This e-book is very helpful and gave me a lot of useful information about how to prepare the right kind of soil for my outdoor grow. It helped me identify whether my soil is healthy or not and whether I need to add nutrients to make it ideal for marijuana growing. Cheers to the Growing elite Marijuana E-book!


See the complete guide to preparing grow area to grow pot outdoors on page 443.

Learn the additional ingredient for soil to keep it enriched for the entire year on page 444.

Caution: Know what to never use on outdoor pot plants, even if the grow shop recommends it don’t make the mistake that many outdoor growers have made. Learn what this is and how to avoid it, while saving money on page 445.

Learn the proper way to prepare soil to have tremendous outdoor pot plants and a great harvest on page 445.

Learn the simple technique to plant clones in the outdoor grow area, with a 100 percent success rate every time on page 446.

Learn about digging a hole to test the soil for sufficient drainage and at the same time make certain the roots do not dry out on page 446.

Find out what has to be removed from the inside of the hold to save energy, aggravation and money on page 446.

Learn the expert secret technique that took more than 19 years to find out that when used by growers helps to increase the outdoor growth in the early phases of growth. Begin using this right away and watch the buds weigh the branches on page 446.

With this e-book, I got to identify the pests that wreck havoc on my weed plants and learned at the same time the best way to exterminate them. The natural ways to eliminate pests in my weed garden really helped me a lot as I don’t want to use chemical pesticides.




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