Super Cropping Your Weed

It is no overstatement to say that the dream of every weed grower is to produce super crops. Super cropping marijuana plants is always the goal but at the same time there are several approaches on how to do it. The main purpose is to control how the weed plant will grow and to increase its yield. But this is easier said than done as you have to follow methods on how to do it. We will tell you how to go about it to when you read our e-book. It’s time to learn super cropping techniques the right way and what’s best than to learn about it from the experts.

Find out what super cropping weed is and what the best weed training methods are to build super stems, which allows the plants to soak in more nutrients effectively and fast. The result the grower will see is in the buds. See the fully illustrated and in-depth detailed information on page 509.

Low stress training, High Stress training, I didn’t know about these things until I bought this e-book. I thought it’s bad to subject weed plants to stress but now I learned its actually good provided you know how to do it properly and scientifically and this e-book laid it all out in easy to understand manner.


Learn about the high stress recovery necessity that should be met and is crucial for every weed plant. Not doing this can cause the weed plant to become stressed and this can result in stunted weed plant growth, weak weed plants with weak buds or it can mean a late harvest on page 512.

Learn how to train weed plants as they grow larger and why it is done on page 512.

Find out how much weed plants can take when training without breaking the stems or causing damage to the plant during training on page 513.

I grow using several methods like sea of green, SCROG, and hydro. This e-book taught me how to make super crops out of my weed plants. The tips on SCROG especially helped me a lot as with the other techniques using LST. It’s wonderful how much information is given in this e-book. Thank you guys!




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