Supply the Right Light

You want to make sure that your indoor growing weed plants get the most benefits from light because it is very important in helping them to grow, so you set-up lights in your grow room and make them as bright you can. But did you know that not just any type of light will benefit your indoor pot plants? Before you know it, you will see your plants reaching the ceiling towards the light because you did not have the right colour temperature such as warm white, soft white, daylight white etc. Yes, it could be complicated! But let us help you ease out the technicalities away and explain to you in simple terms what you need to know about lights when you buy our Growing Marijuana e-book.

Thank you so much for the valuable information you gave about the different types of lights I can use to grow my weed plants. Now I don’t have to experiment on what should be used on the different stages of growing my ladies. Your e-book rocks and I recommended it to all of my friends in marijuana forums.


Learn about what a ballast is, what it does, why it is important and where to find a good one on page 104

Learn about hanging lights and setting up a light reflector with step by step instructions on page 107.

Find out what you will need and learn about bulb orientation and what makes it important on page 106.

Find out about the proper light placement, which includes the exact distance that the lights should be from the plants and the precise time during the marijuana plants growth stages and the distance for each phase of growth. If the lights are placed to closely it can cause the leaves to burn, dry out or wilt and die, but if the lighting is too far away from the plant it will lengthen the growth time and cause fluffy, weak buds. The book explains how to set the lights exactly right for the best growth and how to determine the light height during the entire growing stages of the plants on page 109.

For an accurate lighting penetration range chart that can be used for a reference it will be found on page 108.

Lean about what must be done abruptly if the marijuana plant begins turning brown on page 110.

Find out what the heat from the bulb can do to affect the plants and what can be done about it on page 111.

Learn the secrets the expert grower’s know to significantly lower the light bulbs heat, which means being able to get the plants to produce a large harvest and ventilation has nothing to do with what the experts know, find out on page 110.

The e-book I bought from you is very useful and it has always been my companion ever since I bought it. I’ve been growing weed for 5 seasons now and thought I already know everything there is to know about proper lighting but I learned more effective lighting methods reading your book!




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