It is like attempting to choose the best songs of all time to decide the best marijuana strains 2016 of all time. There’s an infinite range of variables, epic candidates, and it all comes down to the amount of taste at the end of the day. Like songs, however, some flower varieties appear undeniably above the rest. The modern market and today’s common goods have been influenced by these strains, regardless of their current supply. Its unending usefulness is among the most amazing things about marijuana.

The Best Marijuana Strains 2016

The ability to transform into a mind-bending number of varieties is what makes this meditation viable on the best marijuana strains 2016, and it is also what makes it almost impossible for strains to preserve their initial elevation and dignity. When a strain becomes common, a variety of growers and brands interbreed copies and develop them, flooding the market with flowers that may not even match the original cut.2016 has been an incredible year for both the cannabis community and the marijuana business as a whole. In the US, more and more states are pressing for full legalization, and also some countries outside the US might also decriminalize marijuana in the near future. There are more and more strains coming along to challenge the classics that are continually evolving and evolving every year. 

What is Marijuana Strain?

You might have seen the words Indica, Sativa, and hybrid if you’ve read a little about cannabis, or if you’re going to most of the dispensaries. Usually, marijuana is divided into these three categories by most people. Just like any new topic, starting from the roots is a good idea. Three different varieties of strains can be classified in all cannabis strains: Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. Indica is usually responsible for getting the soothing sensation of cannabis to make it as simple as possible at this point in time.

1. Indicas (Sedative, euphoric, and soothing)

Indicas are the strains that bring you down, that brings you into some kind of moment of full calm, that induce relaxation. So they are not the safest strains to drink whenever you’re about to take aggressive measures for a huge event or a big night out, but they’re very useful in helping you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Sativas (Uplifting, invigorating, and relaxing)

Sativas tend to be quite the opposite, on the other hand. More likely, they are going to get you charged, centered, and ready for action. In particular, a very basic tool for knowing the difference between Indica and Sativa is to regard Indica as strains that offer a full-body experience and Sativa as strains that produce more of a cerebral high.

3. Hybrids (Strains that have the joint impact of Indica and Sativa)

As the title may already suggest, hybrids are mixed breed cultivations and include significant quantities of Sativa and Indica. Perhaps the most common and prevalent strains in the current social cannabis world are hybrids, largely due to consumer investment in new, bizarre strains. Even so, it’s significant to know that if you choose a hybrid that is strong on the Indica and low on the Sativa, the outcomes you experience are likely to become far more corporal and calming.

1. Superglue

A combination between Northern Lights and Afghani, Superglue produces a dense layer of sticky resin that practically sticks the fingers together. While its lineage will encourage you to assume that Superglue is going to be a knockout, this strain is being bred to produce more light-footed results. In reality, Leafly users defined this strain as focussing and imaginative while at the same time stimulating the body. It is an understatement to suggest that the Superglue strain emerges from an influential line. His parents are both famous and have won numerous awards over the years. Breeders have also been used both in crossbreeding and in the development of various other strains. Having strains perceived by many to be classical as parents have its advantages. For example, it takes the best marijuana strains 2016 to traits from each of them and incorporates them into one strain.

Effects of Superglue Strain

Superglue, like the same name, is terrific. As such, this is not the best way to start beginners. In a few moments after a couple of tokes, users begin to feel their intense hit, starting with becoming invigorated. As it rushes to its mental height, users begin to feel their minds free. Not only do they feel happy, but they also feel centered. Mental highs can come rushing in, but they do so by encouraging users to continue to work. For a short instant, with a calm mind and an increased concentration, it’s easier to do things. Even if one feels euphoric, they’re still active. Owing to its strong properties, the best marijuana strains 2016 to use this strain is when there is little to do with it. Even better, it’s nice to spend a few hours in the night before sleeping.

2. Nuken Strain

Nuken is also an older strain that is making a comeback. Initially discovered in Canada, it has proliferated in the Pacific Northwest to states like Washington and Oregon. Herbal and sweet in taste, Nuken cradles you in a blanket of dreamlike exhilaration, where your thoughts will float upward to bliss. Nuken is like an extremely strong but sweet strain. Not like other weeds with more or less similar effectiveness, this strong marijuana tastes more like candy, giving consumers an interestingly delicious high taste. 

On top of that, the strain has a strong history behind it which only improves its reputation. Read on to learn more about the pressure. 


Consumers seem to have different opinions on Nuken’s overall strength. This is partly due to the fact that there has been some significant rise in the THC level of the strain as further experiments are carried out. Today, the concentration of THC in the strain is estimated to be between 13 and 25 percent. However, some studies would claim that their THC levels may be as high as 30%. The onset begins with a cerebral stimulus that leads users to an upbeat euphoria and a peaceful state of mind. This head buzz also leaves consumers a little too giggly, making it a good strain option for social activities. There are also a few accounts of the pressure that sends consumers into serious thinking that appears to feel a little spacey.

3. Grape Stomper

Grape Stomper is not a new strain it would indicate that not all great things are sparkling and new. Good genetics inherited from Purple Elephant and Chemdog Sour Diesel give this strain a complete package: taste, potency, and quality. Relaxing without losing social skills, balancing Grape Stomper is an excellent alternative for so many various activities. No doubt it’s not losing popularity.


Whatever tension you can feel, there’s no chance. Grape Stomper works very quickly in a head-high rush that not only boosts the mood but converts a sour mood into one of happiness and utter bliss. While its Indica side is only about 30%, its sedative properties follow shortly the immediate head-high blast and disperse through your body. For beginners and novices, this can leave them on their sofa, but for seasoned users, physical stimulation is presented as a relaxing kind of relief that enhances the head reasonably well.

4. Gelato

A new wave of GSCs has emerged, and their name is Gelato. From the same breeders who produced Sunset Sherbet and GSC fan favorites, Cookie Fam Genetics from Bay Area, California has not yet finished its royal line. Gelato, a descendant of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, blossoms in vibrant colors that are almost as enticing as its dessert-like fragrance.


Also, frequent consumers with high tolerance indicated that as soon as the first inhalation, the head-high kicks in, which some define as psychedelic. Gelato is a strain that might stop you in your tracks while you take the time to adapt to the heightened environment. This is a feeling-good strain in many respects, as you know like your mood is transforming to euphoric. As such, Gelato is a great strain on social occasions. With the feeling of relaxation, the hum of your body begins to creep in. The best marijuana strains 2016 thing about Gelato is that it doesn’t leave you unconscious. In reality, there is a spark of imagination. You may laugh with your mates, but your mind is working well.

5. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid, indicating that it is a combination of a more stimulating strain of Cannabis sativa (Haze) and a more calming strain of Cannabis indica (Blueberry). Blue Dream is common for treating conditions such as discomfort, depression, and vomiting without the sedative effects of the Indica strain. It emerged in California.


Thanks to its wide range of results, Blue Dream is perfect for treating the symptoms of different health conditions. However, it is more helpful for people struggling with anxiety and burnout, and also chronic pain, exhaustion, and headache. 

Blue Dream is commended for its “uplifting” impact. This is a huge burden on those who feel concerned, frustrated, and drained. However, it should be used under medical supervision and the optimal quantity should be identified.

In conclusion, as marijuana is more widespread today than ever before, people need straightforward, reliable data on the impacts of various cannabis strains for medicinal and recreational purposes. Knowing the structure and physiological and mental results of cannabis plants will allow people and clinicians to select the most suitable product. Marijuana growers have crossbreed cannabis plants to produce new strains with varying levels of THC, CBD, and several other physiologically active compounds. Each plant can have various medicinal and recreational uses. Researchers need to conduct further research to properly appreciate this dynamic plant and its human impact.