Topping Cannabis Plants

There are several reasons why you need top your marijuana plants. If you are not familiar with the purpose on why it should be done, then better not do it at all because you might end up with a dwarfed weed plant that stayed longer figuring out what it needed to do during the vegetation stage. Yes, pot plants get confused too with what it is you wanted to do with them so topping arbitrarily is definitely not a good idea. Let us help you understand what topping really means and the benefits that you can get from doing it with your ganja plants.

I knew from the start that topping require expertise to be done properly that’s why I bought this e-book for me to know how to properly top my weed plants. I’m glad I did and learned a lot from it some things that are not normally explained fully by other sources.


Toping cannabis plants training in this section of the book is detailed information and instructions without all the technical and hard to understand growing advice. Instead the reader will learn all they need to know about growing cannabis in an easy to follow format on page 484.

Learn about the most important thing to be aware of prior to doing any cut on the cannabis plant to not cause problems, a mistake that many growers have made on page 484.

Find any missed information with the step by step guide, complete with illustrations and close up images for cannabis plants on page 485.

Learn exactly what a two day old cannabis plant should look like on page 488.

Find out how easy it can be to harvest buds that have a smooth comedown on page 489.

Learn how FIMMING works compared to topping the cannabis plant, along with experts growth tips on page 490.

The top 4 tips for great potent bud every crop on page 490.

Find out what bushing is, why it is done and how it is done on page 491.

Learn about bending cannabis plants for sticky crystal covered buds on page 492.

Caution: Find out why not to do when using string to bend cannabis crops that can damage the plants and the false information about doing this. Learn what many growers do that the first time that can cause damage on page 492.

I always had difficulty topping my pot plants and I didn’t know how many cuts they can endure so I died it sparingly but my weed plants just kept on getting bigger and bushier with very little buds. With this book, I learned to top them properly and got a lot of bigger buds.




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