Ultimate Strain Guide

There are now literally thousands of marijuana strains available in the world. Thanks to the progressive minded breeders who never stopped experimenting and exploring this wonderful plant we all call cannabis. But though there are a lot of choices available to grow for us, it is important to be familiar with the particular strain that you want to grow in order to maximize the benefits out of your grow and minimize failures at the same time. If you have the perfect genetics, it’s like half of your would be worries are already gone because you don’t have to worry much about genetic fallacies.

With our free Ultimate Strain Guide, we have selected more than a thousand strains for you to choose from. These are the ideal strains to grow and the fact that they have been especially chosen and included in this e-book will tell you that they have passed the standards of having excellent genetic foundation first and foremost. The list comes with a complete specification for each strain like the THC content, flowering period, expected volume of buds that can be harvested, height of the marijuana plant, and many more. There is no guessing game as you will only get the right information about the strain and its breeder from this Ultimate Strain Guide.

Learn the following and more…

The specifications for each strain and every important facts you need to know about a strain’s performance.

The top 5 most popular strains in the world and the reasons that made them the most sought after strains.

Know where to get your marijuana seeds with the list of reliable seedbanks and breeders that have been in the business for years and producing only the best quality weed seed strains.

How to choose the right strain for your particular outdoor growing climate as well as indoor strains for your grow room.

The essential differences between sativa and indica varieties as well as the genetic underpinnings of hybrid, landrace, and IBL strains.

If you are uncertain about different strains purchasing the right seeds can be difficult at best. This guide makes sure you know precisely what you’re getting before you wind up receiving bunk seeds for the money you spend. There are almost 1000 listings of the world’s most commonly chosen strains of cannabis seed. Everything you need to know is included such as places to find specific strains/Breeder listing, reports on the high given, the precise ratio of both Sativa and the dominant Indica, strains genetics/lineage, descriptive breeder’s information on each strain, as well as times of flowering for both indoor and outdoor harvesting.

Are you aware that the outcome of your growing is determined by the specific strain of marijuana you select?

As each grower has different goals and requirements, it is important that they know about each variety. This is also essential to obtain success regarding output you receive from your garden.

It is quite exciting when growers of today get down to business and select from some of the modern varieties to grow marijuana of their own. If you want the best smoke ever, now is the perfect time to grow some herb you’ll definitely consider to be sensational. When you combine the talent of breeders from years past with growers of today that aspire to achieve huge buds, it results in thousands of great tasting choices of Cannabis varieties grown from some of the best seeds obtainable.

 was an amateur weed growing apprentice and the most important thing to me was learning which indoor marijuana strain would give me the largest yield with the strongest THC. By reading your book on how to grow pot you showed me that there are a number of plants that produce high yields such as White Widow, Northern Lights and Purple Haze





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