Weed Cloning Methods

If you want to grow the same healthy, robust, pest-free, high yielder, and great tasting with cloud 9 penetrating high weed plant that you have right now, the best way to do it is to clone your chosen cannabis plant. This is the technique used by many expert weed growers and is now made available to you by means of our e-book. Learn how to effectively and without mistake clone your marijuana plants. It will be explained to you in detail complete with pictures and the things you have to prepare so you make it right the first time around. Make that move now so you can clone your favourite weed plant.

I’ve long wanted to clone my marijuana plants but didn’t do it then because I lacked the necessary skills to make sure I’m cloning the right Mother plant. With this e-book, I can now tell if a growing weed plant is ideal for cloning or not. It is really a big help having this e-book by your side.


Find out what the five crucial preparations are to make cloning easy on page 220.

Read the guide to using rockwool that has illustrations that can make the grower confident using this medium for clones on page 221.

Learn what clones are the best for growing potent and THC covered buds on page 221.

Find out where to cut clones to have great buds that are sticky and crystal covered on page 224.

Learn about trimming clones successfully on page 227.

Find out how to properly plant clones with step by step instructions on page 228.

See the trimmed clone example to help provide a comparison on page 227.

Learn how to plant clones with the step by step guide on page 228.

Find out what the single most important way to cut a clone so that it does not die immediately, which is a common mistake that new growers make on page 228.

Learn about the care that is needed to have great growing weed plants that have potent buds. Using this method promises to grow terrific weed to smoke on page 230.

Know what to check when cutting roots to avoid disaster on page 231.

Learn about the nutrients that are best to use when starting clones and have a long lasting high from the buds on page 232.

Find out when to put the cutting under light and what wattage to grow strong weed on page 232.

Learn how long it takes the clone to grow a healthy root system and when it will be safe to transplant, without the mistakes that are often made by growers new to cloning on page 232.

Find out what the ten critical cloning tips that will guarantee successful weed plants that have more than 20 years of experience behind them on page 233.

Learn the step by step techniques of standard cloning on page 234.

Learn what to do right away if the clone has any appearance of wilting and avoid crumbling buds or bad taste, before growing weed on page 235.

Learn what environment is best suited for sticky, crystal covered potent buds on page 236.

Learn about cloning in mediums of vermiculite and perlite in a step by step guide on page 236.

Find out how using a simple, but successful technique with detailed illustrations can make every clone perfect on page 237.

Important to know information that can cause a delay in clone root development if they are watered immediately. Find out when to start watering clones for great buds on page 242.

Learn how to build an effective humidity dome that works great and is cost effective at between $2 and $3 to have bud growth rate speed up on page 242.

No more electrical mess in my grow room. It’s so easy to follow the directions given in the e-book. It really helped me a lot on how to economize and save on my electrical bills. You should not miss to get this e-book for all your marijuana growing needs.




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