Weed Plant Stress

Stress is one factor that can affect the growth of your marijuana plants. It can also cause hermaphrodites to occur in some instances. Cannabis plants that are often subjected to stressful conditions turn out to be less healthy and become open to many diseases. The potency of buds when smoked is also affected when they grew in a harsh environment. To avoid stressing your marijuana plants, read everything about it in this e-book so you can grow healthy and stress free weed plants. Join a lot of satisfied growers who relied on the techniques introduced in this book to minimize or even avoid stressing your pot plants.

Growing in pot outdoors is not that easy and I had to constantly move my weed plants to prevent detection. I learned about other techniques of growing with less stress on my pot plants courtesy of this e-book and really grateful about it. To Ryan Riley, you’re my Idol man!


Cannabis plants often times grow and have success when they are able to be put in an environment that is stable. If a marijuana plant is stressed then it won’t produce as needed, so it’s best to learn how to always keep the plant calm and avoid making the plant stressed out. With over 20 years of experience, there are a lot of problems that you don’t want to face and encounter because of the plant being stressed out to the max. Learn how to grow them so that they grow in a painless way and turn out the best.

Relax and smoke when laughing. Find out how to take the stress out of your plants so that way you and your plant can be stress free. Page 157

A marijuana plant might get slowed down because of something you’re doing wrong. Learn how to avoid that mistake and find out the factor that you need to know that is vital so that the plant doesn’t stop growing or slows down. Page 157

A lot of people who are new to this area think that they need to remove the plants green shade leaves because they think that when a lower plant has more light it might mean more growth. However, this is not true. Learn when you need to remove the large fan leaves and find out what time you should do it because it might affect the plant if you do it wrong. Page 157

There are 9 things that you should know that causes the plant to grow slow. This is a detailed and in depth explanation of what to do when your plants might not be growing the right way. Page 158

At first I thought that moving, cloning and transplanting weed plants are just the causes of stress but when I read this e-book, I learned that there are many ways for ganja plants to be stressed. Thank you so much for the information. You did a good job on this book.




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