When to Harvest Your Cannabis

Can you depend on changes of the colour of the buds to know exactly when to harvest your cannabis? How would you know when the perfect window harvest is? You can get the details about the plants’ maturity and the best time tested techniques to grow and harvest marijuana from Marijuana Growing E-book. Learn about the trichomes, sticky crystal and resin and how these are related to the potency of your harvest. The book also recommends the best and inexpensive tools and gadgets to use for harvesting. You will be able to find out the 5 crucial steps to know that it is the right time to collect your crop, so grab your own copy of this book now.

I really looked into this chapter of the e-book about harvesting because I knew that all my efforts from the start of the growing process might go to waste if I would collect the buds impulsively. It helped a lot that the instructions are in an easy to understand format.


Find out what the reddish colored hair is on the mature cannabis bud and get the information that you need to know to grow great cannabis buds that will impress anyone and has as good of a high as it looks on page 541.

Find out what the 3 time tested techniques are to help grow the most amazing cannabis and know the exact perfect time to harvest your plants in details that are simple to follow on page 542.

Learn about the trichomes that do not change colors and some growers depend on the color change. This can be confusing and frustrating, plus it can also mean the plants pass the perfect harvest window. Find out what to do when this happens and know what to do immediately with the information on page 541.

Find out the timeline and the trichome color change estimate on page 542.

Learn what the 5 most crucial steps are that have to be done to harvest the cannabis plants at the right time and it does not include trichome color changes. Find out on page 542.

Find out what to look for when examining trichomes, with a powerful tool that is inexpensive and designed for the reader of this book, learn about it on page 543.

See amazing close-ups of resin and trichomes that can be used to compare your cannabis buds too on page 543.

Caution: Find out what error can be damaging and almost all growers make it during their first grow just before harvesting the cannabis plants. Making this mistake will tremendously decrease the yield of the crop, learn how to avoid this on page 544.

Learn everything about sticky crystal covered buds and plant maturity in an easy to understand format. Find out how to harvest great cannabis on page 544.

Find out everything you need to know about female flowers, calyxes and harvesting the plants in the colorful designed guide. This shows exactly what the ripe female flower looks like when it is in the harvest window and can be found on page 545.

Learn about the chemistry changes in the cannabis plant in an easy to read format without all the technical talk. This lets the grower know the information they need to grow amazing buds without having a degree in chemistry or science on page 546.

Get all of the harvesting information about maturity, plant size, THC and photoperiod information, including male verses females, the time of year, different varieties, and how to monitor buds, plus more information on pages 547-550.

Your e-book is like whole lot of a horticulture school. I even applied the basics not only to my cannabis but also to other plants in my garden. But of course it worked best for my marijuana hydroponic pots. It is stuffed with real good information about growing cannabis. It is very impressive.




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